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1 [FORUM RULES] on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:29 pm

Since i see most of the people in forum don't know the rules i suggest you to read them!

Most important rules:
- Never PM Admin/GM/Moderator about your problem. There is problems section - post there. You will get respond, so DO NOT spam!
- Never post n Admin/GM wall about your problem like many of you did on mine visitor dmg.
- If you want to post thread, first read the rules.
Rules are simple and everyone who have education will simply understand them with 1 quick look.
General Forum Rules:

You have no right to:

Dispute with a forum moderator or administrator.[WARN / BAN]
Advertise other servers, forums or any websites and Talisman Online links. [BAN]
PM Administrator/Moderator/Staff member for problems. [WARN]
Post in administrator profile page for any problems or requests.[WARN]
Post for bugged character stats. Its not possible to bug your stats if you use our original game client and if you play fair. Every use who post for bug stats will be ignored and will receive infraction warning [WARN]
The chat box is not the place for problems or questions. Our staff will help you only if you follow our rules and if you post in the correct section.
Posting in wrong sections. [BAN]
For example:
- Posting problem in "Free chat" section or in "Players report"
- Posting question in the "Free chat" section or "Game Problems" section
- Posting suggestions in the "Game Problems" or any different section than "Suggestions"

Posting problems, without character or account name. [WARN / BAN]
Posting for lost items if they are not from the Web Shop. Only the donors can have items with full options. [WARN / BAN]
Posting posts or threads with more than one symbol like "!" or "?" .... [WARN]
Posting player reports without any proof. [WARN]


You may not:

Arguing with the staff [WARN / BAN]
Post in different language besides English and Bulgarian! [WARN / BAN]
Cheating the administrators/moderators. [WARN / BAN]
Spamming the forums/making double posts [WARN]
Flooding [WARN / BAN]
Registering more than 1 forum account! [Delete]
Posting threads about leaving etc... [BAN]
Posting more than 1 post or thread with the same sense. [WARN / BAN]

Asking for questions like: [WARN]
- Why server is offline.
- Why my character/account is banned/can you unban me?
- My items are gone.


Insult other members, moderators or administrators. [BAN]

- The problems between you can be solved using the PM forum option. Swearing other member will bring you warning.
Swearing moderator or administrator will bring you ban
Post in other languages than English in the main forum sections. [WARN/BAN]


You have no right to ask for any special rank.

We have enough staff members, and if we need new we'll choose them. [BAN]
By asking for rank you'll get no chance to receive such rank, and probably a warning.
The same rules goes for those, who ask for promotion. [WARN/BAN]


Posting in wrong sections [WARN / BAN]

- For questions, you must post in the "Questions and Answers" section.
- For problems, you must post in the "Game problems" section.
- If you want to report player from the game for breaking rules you need to post in the "Players report" section.
- We ignore every post longer than 5 lines.
This is because we need only short description. We don't need to know your history. The same is for the e-mails
- We ignore the player reports without good proof.
- If you have a suggestion for our forum, you can post in the "Suggestions" section and if your suggestion is nice, we will make it real.

Don't forget to post your character name.

When you are registering in this forum, you must be agree with the rules and terms of use.
Breaking the forum rules will led to the following penalties:

- Warning
- Ban (specified time)
- Permanent ban
- Blocking game character
- Blocking game account
- Blocking IP address


Rules regarding avatars

Since we are family friendly community. Then we should NOT make it look like a porn site
You may use
- All other avatars,which does not contain nude content
You may not use
- Avatars which contain nude content
- Avatars which contain half nude content

First infraction

10 days / 100 points
Second = ban for 3 days
Third = ban for 10 days

The respecting of the Administrators/Moderators is compulsory!
When you are following this rules, you are making the solving of problems, questions and more... much more easy!

Best regards,
Soul Talisman Staff

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